Connecting at every scale

A wide and open look characterizes us at SVP. In everything we do. Whether we are working on a large or small design process. Something we’ve already had in our hands or a completely new question. We integrate all our newly acquired insights, three decades of experience and personal strength and knowledge in everything we do. It is a no-brainer cross-fertilization takes place within our office between architecture and urban design. It makes our plans better, more complete, more valuable and it leads to mutual respect. Only then do you get the best part out of each other.

We have been involved in the design profession for over 30 years. The world and our world therefore too has changed over the past decades. It became more complex, more parties are involved in projects, the citizens have become more empowered, there is more attention for the local politics and the big focus on sustainability, circularity and the environment occupies an essential and natural place now more than ever, this also applies for us, of course.

We never stop until everyone is on the same page

Characteristic of our working method is our broad and open view in everything we do. It is very important for us to hear everyone, involve everyone and listen carefully. We do this just as long as there is mutual understanding for each other’s points of view, we try to fully understand the people and we get into the skin of those for whom we do it for a better perspective. We see it as our task to get the best out of al partners involved in realizing a new living environment.
We don’t design for ourselves, but for those who will live, work, learn and recreate in our plans. Actually for everyone who will live in our plans for this generation and the many generations that will come. We are deeply aware of this. Everything stands or falls with the support of future residents, the municipality or the neighbourhood for example. With the so-called pressure cookers that we deploy at strategic moments in the process, we get the best out of the parties involved and ourselves.

Our integrated approach brings out the best in everything

We are privileged with a team of architects, landscape architects and urban planners under one company. With different nationalities and different characters. We do not know better ourselves, we think this is the most normal thing in the world, but we also realizes this is not self-evident. This cross-fertilization makes our plans better, more complete and more valuable.

Complex is our middle name

Complex may sound very difficult, but that’s not how we see it. In our team new ideas and plans will come up. It can mean that we bring all conflicting interests together in a good way. Or that we come up with smart ideas to stay within the financial framework of our assignment, but propose a surprising and appealing design. Our opinion is that there is always a good solution, even if it seems far away.

Simply meant to (be) build/t

Our craftsmanship makes that what we draw, can also be built. This will be stunning. Real beauty is in the detail. That applies today, but in our opinion also over 100 years. We believe that our buildings will stand for at least 100 years. These times in which new, more sustainable materials, techniques and construction methods are constantly being developed, feed our unlimited curiosity and inquisitiveness. BIM is a natural way of working with us and helps us in the craftsmanship. BIM is a broad concept and everyone gives a different interpretation. We tailor the wishes to the clients and / or builders and make good agreements in advance about the expectations.

We dare to look for new grounds

What has not changed in the more than 30 years is that we have stayed dreamers and will stay that way, also in the next 30 years or more. We too have visions of future-proof cities, beautiful neighbourhoods and flexible buildings that we can proudly walk along. But our dreams go even further, to living environments in the future that you can hardly imagine at present. We like to bring the imagination closer with our spatial visions. Does that sound complex? Not at all, it is the only way we can do it, want to do it and will do it. Because that makes everything and everyone better. A bit more every time.