Connecting at every scale

SVP is characterised by an open-minded approach in everything that we do. This is independent of whether it concerns a large or small scale project, something which we have done many times before or that is completely new to us. We integrate all our newly acquired knowledge, three decennia of experience, and personal strength and knowledge in everything that we do. It is a no-brainer that within our organisation there is a lot of cross-fertilisation between urban planning and architecture. It makes our plans better, more complete and more valuable. It leads to mutual respect, because only then you can achieve the best results.

We have been around in the world of design for 30 years. The world, our world, has changed in these decennia. It became more complex, more parties are involved in projected, the people have become more outspoken, local politics became truly local and the attention for sustainability, circularity and the environment nowadays occupy an essential and obvious central place, of course also in our thinking.

We never stop until everyone is on the same page

Typical for our approach is our open-mindedness in everything that we do. We go to the extremes to listen and to get everyone involved. We put ourselves in the position of those involved to make sure that there is a mutual understanding. We see it as our task to get the best out of all the partners involved in the realisation of a new living environment.

We do not design for ourselves, but for those who will live, work, learn and create in our plans. Present and future generations. We are deeply aware of this. The support of the future inhabitants, the local authority or the neighbourhood is key. With so called pressure cookers, deployed at strategic moments in the process we get the best out of the involved parties and ourselves.

Our integrated approach brings out the best in everything

We are privileged to have a team of architects, landscape architects and urban planners under one roof. We have a team with different nationalities and characters. We think it is the most natural thing in the world, but we also realise this is actually not the case. Cross-fertilisation makes our plans better, more complete and more valuable.

Complex is our middle name

Complex might sound difficult, but we do not see it that way. It gets the creative juices flowing and can mean that all the conflicting interests come together. We can come up with creative ideas to stay within the financial constraints of the assignment, but also develop an attractive design. There will always be a good solution, even if it seems very far away.

Simply meant to (be) build/t

Our craftsmanship means that what we draw can also be built. It will be eye-catching. Real beauty is in the detail. This counts for today, but we believe it should also be like that in 100 years’ time, as long as the buildings are there. These times in which continuously new durable materials, techniques and construction methodologies are being developed, feed our curiosity and our eagerness to learn. BIM is self-evident to us and helps us with our craftsmanship. BIM is a general term and everyone uses it differently. We adapt how it is used to the wishes of the clients and/or contractors and agree the expectations in advance.

We dare to look for new grounds

What has not changed in the 30 years that SVP exists is that we are ambitious and that we will stay that way, also in the next 30 years. We have visions of future-proof cities, splendid neighbourhood and flexible buildings which we can walk past with pride. Our dreams go even further, of environments of the future of which we cannot yet begin to create a clear picture. We love to bring the imagination a step closer with our spatial visions. Does this sound complex? We do not think so, we think it is the only way that we can and want to operate. This way the world will become a better place, step by step.