06-svp-utrecht-rwzi-poortgebouw-diagramma concept

Utrecht RWZI Poortgebouw

Gate building marks the entrance of RWZI

Visible to the Brailledreef

In addition to supervising the integration of the new installation of the wastewater treatment plant in Utrecht, we were also asked to make a design for the new company building or entrance building. With the new building on the Brailledreef, the treatment gets a clear face to the city for which it fulfils an essential function. We have interpreted the building as a gatehouse: the building is not next to the entrance but the building is the entrance. The passage through the building provides an urban window in the area of purification. To make the building sufficiently visible on the Brailledreef, the elongated shape parallel to the road is a logical choice.

View of the purification

The interior has opted for clear running lines and a clear relationship between the workspaces and the supporting functions. The representative rooms are located at the ends of the building. The corridor space runs along the façade and offers a wide view of the area of purification. Through the transparent entrance hall there is a 180 degree view of the Brailledreef from the reception to the purification area.

Facade and materialization

The appearance of the building is in line with the core values of water purification. In the facade there is a certain ‘seriousness’ without becoming monumental. Because the scale of the building is very modest in relation to the environment, we have deliberately chosen to make the two floors as difficult to read as possible. The façade balances between open and closed and between heavy and light and has an abstraction that matches the size of the terrain.


Design new business building for RWZI


Brailledreef Utrecht

Gross surface

800 m2


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